Monday, December 20, 2010

Cairo and Ancient Egypt

Cairo was a lot of fun.  In its center it has become a typical modern, big city, with lots of traffic, hotels, billboards, etc.  There were, however, many other sections of the city that looked and felt exactly like you would imagine Cairo would in a storybook: a maze of narrow streets lined with markets where everyone is trying to sell you something, smoke from pipes and sheesha bongs filling the air, Middle East music playing, and mosque minarets towering high above you. One of the only negatives was the amount of pollution in the air; at times I could not even see the other end of the street because of the smog.

As fun as Cairo was, more compelling of a reason to visit Egypt is to see the remains of the country´s ancient history.  Standing next to the colossal Pyramids and the Sphinx takes your breath away.  The quantity and level of intricacy of the hieroglyphics which cover every inch of the temples leave you mystified.  You feel like a real life Indian Jones as you descend down into the burial chambers of the Queens and Pharaohs.  For those with even the slightest interest in ancient Egypt, the experience is unbelievable.


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