Thursday, February 17, 2011

Foreign Fast Food

This is kind of random but I found it interesting and maybe some of you will too.  American fast food companies sometimes change their menus and use different ingredients in order to better cater to local tastes and cooking practices in foreign countries:

KFC in India:  special crispy chicken-look-a-like veggie sandwich, rizo rice meal
McDonalds in Egypt and Dubai:  McArabia sandwich
McDonalds in India:  no beef products, Maharaja Mac, Paneer Salsa Wrap, McCurry Pan
Burger King in Netherlands:  Nacho Sandwich
McDonalds in Germany:  Beer, NuernBurger in the city of Nuremberg
McDonalds in Peru:  special "aji" hot pepper sauce, Inca Kola beverages
McDonalds in Japan:  McPork instead of McChicken, special "Big American" series of burgers like the Manhattan and Miami Burgers, Apple Pies are crispy and fried-like instead of flaky and baked, Nintendo Gaming Zone seats

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