Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Interesting Facts about Japan

Thought I would share some interesting facts I have learned about Japan:

It is considered inappropriate behavior to blow your nose in public and to eat when walking.
- Women often cut their hair after breaking up with their boyfriend.
- Japan`s literacy rate is almost 100%.
- Each year about 15,000 earthquakes are recorded in Japan.
- People often 'slurp' their food when eating.  It is a sign that the person is enjoying their meal, and if it is not done, the host may be very offended.
- Many businesses offer alcohol to their employees after 6 PM.
- Toilets with bidets and heated seats are very common.
- Japan is about the size of California but has almost half the population of the entire United States.
Fruits are forbiddingly expensive in Japan. You could pay up to $2 for a single apple or peach.
- On Japanese stock tickers, the meaning of the colors red and green is the opposite of that on our tickers: red means an increase and green means a decrease. (Check out the pictures)
- Newspaper editors make their headlines so as not to attract attention.

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