Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cusco, Peru

I am now in Cusco, Peru.  After exploring the city today I will be leaving for Machu Picchu.  I have put up new pictures from my last week or so in Bolivia and also a few pictures of Cusco from this morning.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

La Paz, Bolivia: an eventful first week

I arrived in La Paz, Bolivia at 2am last Friday.  Waiting for me with open arms on the other side of the immigration checkpoint was the family of my good friend from home, Michael Rios.  Michael, his father and his mother arranged for me to have my own apartment in downtown La Paz as well as to be cared for by their extended family members who lived there. 

Later that night, however, I woke up in extreme discomfort.  As it turns out I had caught some type of lung virus that causes a painful inflammation of the lung cavities.  The condition was minor in my case and after a few days in a Bolivian hospital I was back to normal.

Issue number two arose when I discovered that both of my GPS devices had been stolen out of my bag.  The goods were most likely snagged while I was transferring flights in Columbia.  Two claims in the first week of a year long trip, my travel insurance is not a big fan of me.  In all seriousness, obstacles and setbacks like these are to be expected on a trip like mine, but the important thing is to be patient and always have the right attitude.

Health and theft issues aside, my time in La Paz has been wonderful.  The geography is breathtaking (literally, altitude is 3500 + meters), the culture is rich and the adventures are truly unique.  Check out my first week of photos and check back soon for even more.  Next week´s agenda includes biking down "Death Road," an ancient Inca site visit and some nightlife mischief.