On September 9, 2010 I will be embarking on a year-long backpacking trip around the world.  During my journey I will be participating in several volunteer projects, pursuing many adventures and, of course, doing some good old tourist sightseeing.

The following is a preview of some of the volunteer organizations I will be working with:
- Teka Samuha Nepal, Nepal
- Build Communties India, India
- Ngerengere River Eco Camp, Tanzania
- Watoto Wa Baraka Community Construction, Kenya
- Sustainable Bolivia, Bolivia
- Eco Truly Park, Peru
- Pisco Sin Fronteras, Peru
- Baan Dada Children’s Home, Thailand

The following is a preview of some of the adventures I will be attempting:
- Canoeing down the Amazon River
- Hiking the Inca Trails of Peru
- Rock climbing in Ecuador
- Safari trip through the Serengeti in Tanzania
- Kayaking on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe
- Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
- Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal
- Surfing in Thailand

The following is a preview of some of the sites I will be visiting:
- Machu Picchu in Peru
- The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt
- Palace of Versailles in France
- The Coliseum in Rome
- The Parthenon in Greece
- Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
- The Taj Mahal in India
- The Great Wall of China
- The Forbidden City in China
- The Terracotta Army in China
- Angkor Wat in Cambodia