Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cash to Pass

A security guard at Cairo Airport tried to get me to bribe him after the alarm went off when I went through the metal detector. I told him that I had simply forgotten to take off my belt but he said don't worry, it's ok, if you have a tip for me. He said it softly as he was patting me down. I said I don't have any money to give, he starred at me and said are you sure, I said yes, he said ok go ahead and then he let me pass...

Tipping/bribing situations like this were common in Egypt. Whether you want to quickly climb up one of the Pyramids or take pictures of or from a roped-off area, any rule can be bent if you are willing to pay for it and the guards encourage it.

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  1. My cousin found this out in can definitely haggle the bribe amount too.