Friday, January 14, 2011

Street Food

I have only been to Delhi and Agra so far, but India has the best street food out of all the countries I have visited. Not only is the street food delicious, but you can find it on every corner, there is a wide variety from sweet desserts to hearty meals, and best of all a single serving will only cost you on average 20 American cents! I am still trying to figure out the names of my favorite dishes but you can't go wrong because they are all good. Maybe someone will recognize them when I put up pictures later. Like anywhere, you have to give your stomach a few days to adjust to the country's cuisine through restaurants at first, but after that...India is definitely the place to feast on the streets.

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  1. Fabulous blog, J. Having been to a few of the places you've gone through, I've thoroughly reliving it through your commentary. Hope all is well and look forward to seeing you again stateside.